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In our first article, we covered ten landmarks in New York that define not just the city but the entire country. Yet, we are well aware that there are so many other spots worth mentioning, from train stations to museums and coffee shops. In this article, we are going to list ten more places in New York that you can visit to create stunning visuals.


Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue is home to the world’s most extensive museums, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. Ever since its establishment in 1937, the museum features permanent and temporary exhibitions of Impressionist artists, as well as contemporary artists. The building you see today was, in fact, not the first location of the Guggenheim Museum. After relocating the art collection a few times, the museum management finally settled at the intersection of East 89th and Fifth Avenue in 1959. While the content of the exhibits is intriguing enough to spend a full day, the interior is also worth admiring. Specifically, you could take stunning photos if you go to the top floor. The circular balconies, aligned at the center of the building, provide a downward view of the crowd. There is also a triangular stairwell that is equally worth capturing from the top. The tickets cost 25 USD for adults and 18 USD for students.


We always associate train stations with filth, rust, and chaos, but New York can turn even those into a form of art. The terminal station of the Post Authority Trans-Hudson train line is inside the World Trade Center. Before the 9/11 attacks, the transportation hub received massive damage along with the rest of the complex. The renovation works could only come to completion in 2016. Looking at the central station house called the Oculus, we could say that it has been well worth the wait.  The Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava came up with a quirky design that resembled a ribcage. The unique structure is part of the Westfield World Trade Center Mall, so you can go to the second floor of the mall to fit the ribcage into your frame. Then, you can continue exploring the boutique stores and gourmet restaurants.


Visited by more than 20 million people a year, Grand Central Terminal is one of the most attractive landmarks in the world. It’s not only because it ‘s New York’s central train station. The number of people coming to appreciate the architecture is much higher than the passengers. Built in the early 1900s, Grand Central Terminal has the influence of the Paris-Beaux style with traces of Gothic and Renaissance. The murals on the dome and the ornaments alone are valuable enough to form a separate art museum. On the groin vaults of the ceiling, you will see a variety of murals by famous painters such as Paul Cesar Helleu. The contrast between the medieval artwork and the buzzing crowd of the modern-day in New York makes Grand Central Terminal one of the most postcard-worthy places on earth.


Restaurants can appeal to the senses of taste and smell, but the ones in New York appeal to your sight as well. A prominent example is Nomo SoHo, the restaurant of an affluent hotel near Canal Street. From the minute you enter the archway at the entrance, you will get mesmerized by the delicacy of the decoration around you. Plants, flowers, and blinking lights will make you feel like you are walking through the Tunnel of Love. This entrance is pretty beloved amongst social media users coming here to try the gourmet food. The restaurant has a menu for all three meals, so you can visit at any time of the day.


When in New York, even the department stores have an architecture outshining the content. The new branch of Barneys New York in Chelsea attracts customers not only for the clothes but also for its spiral staircase. Intending to create a sense of intimacy, the architect Steven Harris designed and erected the white marble staircase at the center of the store to connect the floors. You can get the best angle from the top floor, as the whitewashed staircase creates an illusion that seems to be infinitely long.


If you have been to Japan before, you must have tried a savory matcha ice cream or cake. This Japanese green tea powder can deliver its distinct flavor onto any food. As the most cosmopolitan city in the world, New York is home to cafes featuring delicious Japanese cuisine, but Chacha Matcha excels in matcha products particularly. The matcha latte and matcha infused pastries will give you instant foodgasm, but don’t forget to soak in the interior. The walls decorated with warm colors and the vintage furniture will melt your heart and make you feel at home. You know a place is Instagrammable if it has become a mecca for celebrities like Gigi Hadid and Leonardo DiCaprio.


In our previous article, we praised Central Park and it’s surprisingly unspoiled nature, but there are so many other urban parks. New Yorkers know how to utilize every inch of the city, and the High Line is the most prominent example. Built on a place with nothing but a rusty rail line, The High Line encompasses lush gardens with stunning views of Hudson River. As tranquil as it is, The High Line has an increasing livelihood thanks to its street food vendors, small art galleries, sculptures, musicians. You should only keep in mind that you will meet an insane crowd during the weekends and holidays.


Almost every metropole has a Chinatown, but none of them are as dazzling as New York’s glamorous Chinatown. The 61-meter long Doyers Street runs through the center and bends sharply in the middle. This bent was once home to the most notorious gangs of New York, earning it the nickname The Bloody Angle. Today, you will encounter Chinese restaurants, barbershops, second-hand shops, and colorful signs lined up on both sides of the street. Like many other spots in New York, the famous street served as a filming location for many movies, such as The Amazing Spider-Man 2. If you are hungry, New York’s Chinatown offers budget-friendly restaurants like Taiwan Pork Chop House and Lanzhou Noodles, favored by New York’s youth for the best value for money. 


You won’t find a more reputable museum in the world than The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. The extra mile they took to transfer the art collection is worthy of commendation. We are not only talking about paintings and sculptures, but they transferred the actual ruins of an Egyptian temple. After the Egyptian Government gifted the Temple of Dendur to the US, it took almost ten years to move the temple to the MET. Considering the attention of millions of tourists every year, we would say the efforts paid off excessively. The spacious exhibition room with the fenced bars on the window ensures that the lighting is perfect all day long. There is also a pond in the room that forms a splendid reflection of the temple. All these factors combined, The Temple of Dendur deserves to be the center of the top New York photos on social media.


You have plenty of options when it comes to viewing New York from above, but none of them can compete with the Empire State Building. Comprising two observation decks on the 86th and the 102nd floors, the building features the highest open-air observatories in New York. You can’t find another spot to view The Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Brooklyn Bridge, and Central Park in one frame. To top it off, you can take a much closer gaze at New York through the high-powered binoculars with the maximum light allowance. While you are in the building, visit the Visitor’s Center to find out more about the history of this magnificent skyscraper. 


We hope that reading about these iconic spots in New York has convinced you to start planning your trip. If you are not sure about how to fly into New York from Hong Kong, Montreal, Europe, Asia and all around the world, check out Cathay Pacific’s website and book your ticket today.

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