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Top Five Destinations to Visit in Bali, Indonesia


Bali is an Indonesian gem with amazing natural beauty and majestic scenes. You will adore everything in Bali. Traveling to this heaven city requires certain steps such as budgeting, planning and tour guidance. Coupon.ae helps in all these things with Etihad airways voucher code. This voucher is good for budgeting and traveling. It lets you save money on air tickets, baggage and other facilities. Travel with Etihad airways and enjoy the luxurious journey before you witness the heaven in Indonesia. Bali is a city of temples, gardens, beaches, forests and ancient buildings. Here are top five destinations in this city you must visit.


This is an interesting ancient temple in the highlands. This temple is far away from local beaches but it has the smell of coast. In the monsoon season, it becomes a humid area where you may feel wetter than beaches. This is the best place to gather some basic information about the Hinduism, dance, arts and painting. There is a yoga studio, spa center and health café in the temple for the visitors. There are some bars (very expensive) that attract the foreigners.


This is a local fishing hub. It is among the top towns with super relaxed beaches. It is close to the Kuta city and airport. This town is ideal for the package vacation crowd. You may not like to stay on the beach due to high crowd but it is very pleasant to enjoy the pools at hotels. Book flights for Kuta or directly to Bali with Etihad airways voucher code. This may save huge amounts on various facilities including cargo, baggage and meals.

Nusa Lembongan:

This is a comfort resort famous for baseline landscape and beautiful pools. It is important to visit Nusa Lembongan whenever you visit Bali, Indonesia. This town has numerous affordable hotels and guesthouses. This is a romantic place for couples who like to chill, and spend nights with comfort. The island is very beautiful but transportation facilities are not good. The roads are small and bumpy. Pregnant women should not take the roads. The cruise and ferry services are also present. However, these may consume more time to reach the small town of Nusa Lembongan.


This is an outstanding place to visit in Bali. This is a surfing hub where high waves await the surfing experts. There is a huge market selling surfing gears so you don’t need to carry these gears from home. On the other hand, this market also has the international fashion brands such as Ralph Lauren and Zara. This city is famous for nightlife, spa, massage and bars.

The Gili Island:

Don’t book the Indonesia tours if these don’t cover a visit to Gili Island. This is a primitive and beautiful island in Bali. We suggest travelers to redeem Etihad airways voucher code and save money on international flights. You can spend this money in Bali for enjoyment. For example, book a gorgeous hotel with extra money and enjoy dream services including pools, spa, body massage and more.

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