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The best sailing destinations for a yacht charter holiday


Do you travel a lot and think you’ve seen it all? Ever seen the world from a nautical point of view? If not, then a yacht charter holiday migth be a perfect idea for your next trip. Zizoo.com is the number one cheap yacht charter with the best price guarantee for you. It offers a platform where you can easily find the right boat and destination for you, the same way Airbnb and Booking.com does.

Since we believe that some places are best explored by yacht, here are our picks for the best sailing destinations.

The Netherlands

Book a yacht charter Sneek and explore the Frisian lakes area, one of the most beautiful places in the Netherlands. This voyage does not require you to have a navigational licence, but you can stil lattend a sailing course if you wish. Exploring Friesland, Overijsse and the IJsselmeer area by yacht is a great option for people0 with limited experience or sailors who just want to enjoy a relaxing holiday on water.


Sail along one of the most impressive coastlines in the world, dotted with walled cities hiding narrow streets to wander around in. Cities Dubrovnik and Split are a highlight on this journey, but a yacht gives you the option to go island hopping and exploring different surroundings. Enjoy the sun set over the Adriatic Sea or have taste the local delicious dishes in one of the many restaurants ashore.

The Greek Islands

Santorini, Crete, Zakyntos, … do we need to say more? The Greek islands are an idyllic destination for a sailing holiday or if you are on a honeymoon. The contrast between the white washed houses and churches and the turqoise sea make it a setting to cherish.  Start your journey in Athens where ancient Greece is just around the corner with one of the many archeological sites.


The Seychelles are made up of 115 pristine islands of impressive beauty, making it a destination best explored by boat. It is a haven for both aquatic as well as tropical forests, making it a great place to discover for those who love the diversity of nature’s beauty. The splendid beaches make it an option worth considering too if you are looking for a honeymoon.


Portugal has a long maritime history dating back to the era of the explorers. You can learn about this history in the great coastal cities such as Lisbon. The seaside town Cascais is a good choice if you want to taste local cuisine and wines, while Faro is a hotspot for sunseekers.

The Caribbean

A boat holiday in the Caribbean is on the wishlist of every skipper. The Caribbean is what often comes to mind when people think of sailing. No wonder as it has excellent conditions to cruise around island such as Antigua, the Bahamas and Cuba and discover their most stunning beaches and secluded shores. 

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