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A Different Kind of Taxi Service


For a great many people, living in busy urban centres and cities is just not an option. The cost of living may be too high, or they may simply prefer living away from all of the hustle and bustle that defines these rat races. Whatever the case, long distance transport from such out of the way places can become difficult.

Do You Need Long Distance Transport?

Whether you are living in a dense urban area, or in a rural part just outside of town, the fact is that regular taxi services don’t offer long distance transport. This is where specialist Totnes taxis and long distance transport services can really help.

So, why would you use a long distance taxi service anyway? Consider the following:

  • Travel: If you and your family are going on an overseas holiday by plane or on a cruise, how are you going to get you and your luggage there on time? You could drive, but will your vehicle accommodate everyone, plus the luggage? And even if it can, do you really want to pay the hefty long term parking fees? A long distance taxi service can seat up to eight people, plus luggage, to seaports and airports, making it incredibly easy.
  • Weddings: If you’ve been invited to a wedding, but you live a long way away, how are you going to get there? A long distance taxi service can transport a bunch of people to any destination, no matter how far away it is.

A Smarter Transport Service

Whether you are in a wheelchair and you require a specialist taxi service for long distance transport, or you need to get to an airport with all of your family and luggage in tow, a specialist taxi service is worth considering.

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