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Tips to travel alone in a train


People do travel by trains a lot because there are plenty of trains running from one corner to another in India by joining almost every parts of it with each other. Not only that there are the huge number of trains running on a daily basis, but Indian Railways do offer some cheap rates of train tickets which make train journeys even more affordable.

It has also become easy to book train tickets online these days because people can log into the website of IRCTC and reserve a ticket there. There is no need to stand behind a long queue in order to book train tickets now. But when one is travelling alone in a train, here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • One must not take a sleeping pill or any kind of anxiety pills when they are travelling alone in an overnight train journey. This can make one feel dizzy and one might not feel safe alone.
  • Keeping the luggage under own supervision is a huge task and one has no choice but to do that when they are travelling alone. When it is an overnight journey, one must lock their bags and it is even better than they can tie them with a chain to their berth so that no one can pull them away. Also, it is best to carry as much less luggage as possible because taking care of all of them alone are quite difficult. But sometimes it is not possible to keep it short and less (especially when one is moving from one city to another) and then these chains can come to the rescue.
  • Keep your purse closer to you (the one where you are carrying your money) the most when you are sleeping at night. One can keep them closer to the sleeping bag as well.
  • Try to wear comfortable clothes when one is travelling alone. It is because; if there are some sort of problems one can face then there is no one out there for help. Also, it is not a very good idea to ask for help from a complete stranger. And not drawing much attention towards you is the best thing.
  • Do not eat whatever food you want to eat. Not at least from the station vendors. One can always order food from train as e catering services are provided by Indian Railways these days. This is because if one suddenly feels ill or gets some food poisoning and stomach ache because of station food then there is no one to help. So, it is a good idea to be on the safe side.
  • One must take some immediate medicines which can be of big help during emergencies. One must keep something for a headache, stomach ache, food poisoning and fever.

When one is travelling alone, it is a good idea to hold on to the seat even if it is a reserved berth. If these things are kept in mind then travelling alone is not that difficult.

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