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Distinctive Destinations that are Must Try this Holiday Season


Patagonia is completely like a dream paradise with alluring attractions, healthy flora fauna and is one of the most scenic locations in the world. Each of the locations is perfect to create in treasure trove memories of vacations. Here are some places in Patagonia that are truly stunning.

  1. San Rafael Glacier: One of the prime advantage of this place they are often very less visited. Situated in Chilean Patagonia this place is immensely beautiful and to witness the huge chunks of breaking the ice into water. Reputed tour operators of Patagonia holidays do see to it that all the prior bookings and arrangements are done to visit this place.
  2. Chup De Centolla: Patagonia is the perfect place for a meat lover. You will be just stunned with ample of options available. Worth to try out here is king crab served in crispy manner and toppings of grated cheese.
  3. Magdalena Islands: This is a perfect spot to be in if you are signing for a cruise tour. Every minute spent here is promising to give you that ultimate experience. Worth to check out is medium heightened Magellan Penguins. This is must spot if you are a nature lover and want to feel amazing weather.
  4. Try out cruising at Lago Argentina:  It is different fun altogether to photograph the large iceberg and the largest Upsala ice glacier.
  5. Unleash the kid in you by trying out cycling at LLaoLLao National park: With various viewpoints and scenic location, this place is perfect if you want to have that different kind of cycling experience. There is even spot like Circuito Chico Trail of 60 Km route must if you are fitness lover. Even if you are not aware of the routes, the reputed tour operators see to it that perfect guidance is offered.
  6. Cerro Castillo National Reserve:  This place is must visit for hiking lovers. The scenery can be best described as heaven in earth as it has the beauty of indigenous forests, hanging glaciers and lush green valleys. 
  7. Milodon Caves: Formed by the erosion of glaciers, these caves are truly stunning. There are one cave and 2 small caves.  There is also a look point at one of the largest cave. This place offers an enchanting view of surrounding peaks too.
  8. Witness the process of Cuban Cigar:  Cuba is known for a variety of flavours, seeing them getting manufactured is a different experience altogether. In Cuba vacation packages, the renowned tour guides will help you reach the spot of tobacco field and if you are lucky they will help you to roll the cigars.

There are few things that are totally unforgettable and whereas Patagonia is considered it is safe to place even for solo travellers. If you wish to have impeccable options and numerous activities then Patagonia is truly for you.  These scenic locations are perfect to give you that amazing style of background and a lot of photographs when you go back home.

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