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Why Choose a Private Air Charter


Many people believe you have to be part of the rich and wealthy to be able to travel in a private jet. The truth is that private air travel is not only affordable, but it makes more sense in many cases, such as business travel or a romantic getaway to impress your loved one. There are several reasons that make a private air charter service a better choice than flying on a commercial plane.

More time in the air and less on the ground

Many of us dread the long queues for check-ins and customs. With a private air charter service, you will have a much faster experience on the ground, allowing you to get to destination faster and spend less time waiting behind someone in line. Minor airports can also be used that are less congested, making travel faster.

Flying schedules can be arranged around a time that works best for you. You do not have to only fly at the times set by the major airline companies that are often fully booked. Convenience is a major part of private air charter travel.

Privacy to do what you need to

Everyone has a story about a crying baby on a long flight. Private jets do not have this problem. This allows you to get on with important work in peace and quiet. You can also have sensitive or confidential conversations without worrying about who may be listening in. This can be a problem even in first class aboard a major airline. A private jet can be seen as a flying conference room.

A survey showed that people are as much as 20% more productive on a private flight than in the office. Work done on a commercial airline is lowered by as much as 40% in their productivity.

Multiple destinations

In some cases, a person or group may need to travel to multiple locations in a short period. Choosing a private air charter can greatly help in this situation as it can be made ready to depart when you need to leave. This saves various costs such as hotel fees as well as precious time.

The road less traveled

Some travel plans may require you to go to flight routes that other commercial planes do not fly on. A private jet can fly at higher altitudes and land in places that commercial airlines cannot reach.


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