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Various Ways To Attract Your Guest For PG Accommodation


Make Your House PG Ready

Many people have an emotional attachment with the house and find it is difficult to share the Showbox apk for android with others. Hence it is important to overcome that and make the house as well as yourself getting ready for that. Apart from that you may need to do some makeover of your house to make sure that your house is ready for PG accommodation and you can tag good price to get tenants.

Start Creating the Buzz

To attract the PG tenants, you need to create a buzz around and show your willingness to rent out your premise for paying guest accommodation. Once you start with the makeover or home remodeling, start telling people around that you have plans to rent your flat out for paying guest accommodation

Check with the Competitors

You need to tag a price or rent if you are planning to rent out your premise for PG, but before that try to find out how the price of other PG accommodation. For instance, if the trend of Paying Guest accommodation in Hyderabad encompasses around INR 3000/- for 4 people sharing, then try to price it in sync with that. Don’t forget to check the inclusions too and if you are providing better amenities, then price it accordingly

Opt for Intermediaries

Brokers are good source of PG leads so you may get in touch with them for good leads. This attracts a premium…you may also opt for online registration on different real estate portals to get better leads and without paying anything. One of those online real estate platform is Housing.com. All you need to do is send a request for listing on their website or get connected to them at 03 – 333 – 333 – 333 and they will get back to you for an appointment to visit your property for enlistings

Housing.com is one of the newest player in the real estate market with a sharp business intelligence which makes them curve a niche in the industry in last two and half years. The envision to redefine the online residential real estate trade by pioneering features like verified listing, real time photographs and lifestyle ratings, which has enhanced their credibility score resulting in the increased incoming traffic, resulting in the featuring of your property to more number of PG hunters.

With the increased number of job opportunities across the country, the demand of the Paying Guest have been shooting up, since more people are relocating to different cities and if you have a spare room with bathroom (attached or common irrespectively) you have the option to give a quick makeover to your house and put it up for display. Providing PG accommodation will be a win – win situation where you optimize a source of your financial gains and someone gets an accommodation in a new city. If you have decided to put up our flat for PG accommodation, then run through the checklist to ensure that you have been through all the options.

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