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Val D’lsere Full vacation


Val D’lsere is truly one of the most serene places in the world. With a meager population of nearly 2000, it stands at 1850m with a height of nearly 3500m.  Nearly 100 lifts are able to carry away more than 1,35,000 skiers.  The ski area is nearly around 300km, thanks to the neighboring Tignes. If you love skiing, then you will truly love this place. In this post, we would lay out an ideal holidaying vacationing in Val D’lsere.

Accommodation in Val D’lsere

The place is packed with tons of exotic accommodations. Expect the prices to be steep high throughout the year. Hotels like the Chalet Hotel Le Savoie have always received positive reviews from hundreds of people all over the world.

A few like Club Med even includes a ski pass along with soft drinks. But with Club Med, you can have lunch and dinners at the other hotels which are located in the same ski area.

Do not even worry about dining in Val D’lsere. With plenty of food outings, you will surely be able to satiate every variety of taste. We have observed that the tourists are quite fond of the EDELWEISS (LE FORNET) and FRUITIÈRE (TOP OF LA DAILLE GONDOLA). Early booking is highly recommended as both of them serves food on the terrace which feels truly heavenly when the sun shines.

Skiing in Val D’lsere

Val D’lsere is known for skiing. If you are a ski enthusiast, Skiing in Val D’lsere will give you tremendous joy than skiing in any other part of the world. But for those who are unskilled with skiing, there are plenty of schools which teaches it. The likes of Oxygene and The Development Centre (TDC) have been immensely popular for ski training especially for the beginners.

The Perfect time

In our honest opinion, a place like Val D’lsere deserves to be visited throughout the year. Snowfall usually kicks in late November and continues till May. However, for the non-skiers, there are plenty of choices that Val D’lsere offers. There are tons of Paragliding and Ice skating venues to make up for those who are not ski enthusiasts. And while every other member of the group can indulge in the sporting activities, if you aren’t a fan of it, be sure to check out the spas, massage and beauty treatments from the likes of Pamper.

What you need not worry?

Even if you are planning to visit Val D’lsere in the peak season, rest assured that the lift system is constantly upgraded to handle massive traffic during such times. Nowadays, almost 4000 passengers can be transported to and froper hour.

The nightlife

After an adventurous and heart content skiing sessions, you will really love the nightlife of Val D’lsere. Places like the Bananas, The Pacific Bar, XV, Coco Rico offers a ton of entertainment like live music, open mic, and even table dancing. Some of the discs even offer free entry before midnight and host some of the best parties that you will ever see anywhere.

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