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Travel to India From Ireland


Ireland’s pastures provide a contrasting landscape to India. Traveling from the seaside bluffs of Ireland to the chaotic streets of India is possible by air or overland. Flying is quick and relatively inexpensive when flying from Dublin to one of Indian’s major cities. Traveling overland south india tour packages. is a wild journey taking you through deserts, cities and about a dozen countries. Your mode of transport depends on your time, funds and intentions.

Two destinations with almost nothing in common are linked by the skies and the land.

1 By Air Travel to Dublin, Ireland. Dublin’s international airport is Ireland’s gateway to the rest of the world. The airport services dozens of international flights daily. Options for getting to Dublin include train, bus, car or regional air. Cities with airports in Ireland are Cork, Donegal, Galway, Inisheer, Inishmaan, Inishmore, Kerry, Knock, Limerick, Shannon, Sligo and Waterford.

2 Book international travel from Dublin to one of India’s major cities — Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Goa, Hyderabad and Thiruvananthapuram. The most popular route is from Dublin to Mumbai or Bangalore — serviced by Air France, Lufthansa, KLM and Etihad Airways. All flights will have a minimum south india tour packages. of one layover depending on which airline. Some layover stops are Paris, Abu Dhabi, Amsterdam and Frankfurt.

3 Ensure your visas are in order. Indians traveling to Ireland will need to acquire an Irish visa before travel. Irish traveling to India can obtain a visa beforehand or receive a visa-on-arrival in India.

4.By Land 4 Prepare for your journey. The road from Ireland to India is at least a three-week journey (you’ll most likely need a few months), depending on what mode of transport you use. Underneath the English Channel, through the heart of Europe, over mountain passes and across deserts — these are just a few of the travel challenges you’ll be faced with on your 3,200 mile road trip. The most direct route is through Western and Eastern Europe, Turkey, Iran and Pakistan before arriving in India. Preparing your visas for the countries you visit is the top priority.

5 Cross via the Chunnel (the Channel Tunnel), or take a ferry to France from Ireland. The Chunnel cuts beneath the English Channel connecting France to England. If you are heading to mainland Europe via England, you will need to take a ferry from Ireland to England. Irish Ferries takes passengers from Holyhead in England to Dublin. P&O Ferries offers crossings from Liverpool to Dublin. You can cross from England to France using train, car, motorcycle or bicycle. Cars, motorcycles and bicycles take the Eurotunnel Car Transport, which takes approximately 35 minutes from Kent to south india tour packages. Calais. For train travel, take the Eurostar from London to Paris, which is a two and half hour trip.You can use a ferry to cross over into England from France, Belgium or Netherlands using P&O Ferries. It is possible to cross the English Channel from Ireland to France using Irish Ferries. The routes go from Rosslare in Ireland to Roscoff or Cherbourg in France.

6 Travel through Western and Eastern Europe. Europe, especially the western portion, is an easy route for overland travelers using Eurail, a comprehensive train network connecting major European cities. Two routes are possible through Europe to Egypt using the Eurail. The southern route will take you from Paris to Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia and terminating at Sofia, Bulgaria before entering Egypt. The Northern route is from Paris to Belgium, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Romania and terminating at Sofia. From Sofia it is possible to take a bus to Istanbul, Turkey.

7 Travel through the Middle East. Bad roads, poor facilities, welcoming Muslims, holy relics, tea houses and tasty food await Middle East travelers. Although the area has seen hostility towards westerners, the area welcomes millions of tourists each year without incident. Some places to visit in the area include Tehran, Beirut, Damascus, Cairo and Jerusalem. If you are intent on skipping the Middle East, you can fly from Istanbul to all major cities in India.

8 Head for the Pakistan border crossing at Wagah — the only road border crossing between the two countries. The crossing is near Lahore in the Kashmir region. The area has been the scene of fighting between India and south india tour packages. Pakistan for decades, but the dramatic landscape and welcoming people make for a worthy travel destination. In fact, the region is considered so important, no one is allowed to own land. After arriving in India you can easily travel by train, bus or regional air to your other destinations. south india tour packages. south india tour packages. south india tour packages.south india tour packages.

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