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Top hiking destinations for nature lovers


Whether you are new to hiking or you’re a more experienced adventure seeker, it is certain that spending your time walking through the lush nature can be one of the best ways to get to know a destination. Nevertheless, where in the world can you go to enjoy a perfect day hiking? Which destinations will leave you feeling breathless and mesmerized? Do not fret, because we have compiled a list of the top must-see hiking destinations for nature lovers.

Kawah Ijen, Indonesia

Travel enthusiasts looking for an unpredictable destination will enjoy visiting Kawah Ijen in Indonesia. In fact, Kawah Ijen is a well-known stratovolcano which has remained active ever since the year of 2002, when it last erupted. As it resembles a perfect looking volcano, tourists from all around the world come to visit to see the crater. Also, the breath-taking turquoise sulfur lake which is located nearby the Ijen volcano is famously known as the largest acidic lake in the world. Nevertheless, travelers are most interested in seeing the notorious Ijen Blue Fire, a piercing blue flame appearing as a result of the combustion of the sulfuric gases. Of course, it is a slightly challenging hike due to the fact that the wind tends to be strong and the sulfur gas clouds may come in the way. So, remember to pack some gas masks for this trip!


Even though it is not as explored as the other states in Australia, more and more tourists around the world are interested in visiting Tasmania. In fact, this beautiful island state, known for its rugged beauty can be visited by the use of a ferry from the city of Melbourne. Since there is a total of 19 national parks located in the area, Tasmania proves to be the ideal option for those adventure seekers who enjoy hiking or trekking in the vast outdoors. For example, a seemingly perfect choice when visiting Tasmania for an enjoyable hike is the alluring Tasmania National Park, famous for its lush wildlife and spectacular forests. The largest city on the island, Hobart, is usually used as the starter point when embarking on a journey. Interested travelers who do not want to worry about accommodation and hiring a guide should definitely consult with professionals who organize 3 capes walking tours. The Three Capes Track, the island’s brand-new long distance hike is highly recommended for people who enjoy spending a lot of time outdoors. Of course, make sure to grab a spot as quickly as you can, because the number of hikers allowed per day is limited.Trolltunga, Norway

The trek along Norway’s famous Trolltunga is definitely among the most difficult adventures one may embark on. Besides being physically demanding (thus, it is recommended that only the physically fit visit), the trip can easily take up more than a total of 10 hours. Trolltunga, which in translation means “Troll’s Tongue” is a cliff rock located above the lake Ringedalsvatnet in the majestic country of Norway. The trail itself starts off from the trailhead parking lot and advances to a gigantic mountaintop valley. After crossing muddy fields and rocky areas, eventually, you will arrive at the gorgeous Trolltunga. Keep in mind; if you decide to visit this Instagram-worthy place, then you should travel well-prepared!

Cathedral Peak, South Africa

Out of all the insanely breath-taking mountains which South Africa offers, it is definite that Cathedral Peak, located in the Central Drakensberg, is one of the most memorable ones. Luckily, unlike the previous hiking destination, Cathedral Peak can easily be accessed by hikers of all capabilities and levels. However, endurance is still needed, due to the fact that it is a hike which lasts the whole day. Nevertheless, the long hike is well worth witnessing the beautiful scenery which is out of this world. Of course, it is of vital importance to pack extra clothes due to common storms and harsh weather.

All in all, it is certain that these (and many more!) stunning hiking trails in the world keep as a reminder that some of the best places can only be reached by walking on foot. Most importantly, do not forget to pack light and enjoy your trip, wherever you decide to go.

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