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Things You Need to Do on Your Holiday on Norfolk Island


Are you getting ready for your much needed holiday on Norfolk Island, but you’re not really sure what to do once you get there? Without a tour guide by your side showing you all the cool local spots, arriving in a new place can be pretty intimidating. Here’s a list of things that you absolutely must do to get a real taste of life on Norfolk Island.

Rent a Car to Explore the Island

First things first, get to know the place where you’ll be spending your time. There’s no better way to do that than to rent a car and explore the island yourself. The roads in Norfolk Island are nice country lanes and provide a lovely scenic drive.

Head to the Top of Mount Pitt

You can drive your rental right to the top of the beautiful Mount Pitt. While up there, you’ll get an amazing 360-degree view of the entire island, which is another great way to familiarise yourself with the land.

Appreciate the Sunset

Holidays can be really fast-paced and full of activities. Take some time to relax. There of lots of places to enjoy the sunset, but locals recommend taking a drive to Puppies Point to appreciate the view.

Find Out What the Resorts Have to Offer

Getting out and exploring is one of the greatest things about visiting a new place. If you’re taking a holiday because you need a bit of peace and quiet, try lounging next to the pool at one of the Norfolk Island resorts. Bring a book and have a cocktail and you’re on your way to achieving the relaxed state of mind you’ve been craving.


You’re on an island, so why not spend some time in the water? The lagoon in Emily Bay provides the perfect spot to do some snorkelling and swimming. Don’t forget your underwater camera to get some great pictures of the sea life!

Try the Local Cuisine

Trying new foods is one of the greatest pleasures in life. If you’re in the Township area, go for a walk and check out the local cafes, have a coffee, and maybe make some new friends!

Walk Through the National Park

Approximately 10% of Norfolk Island is land that is considered part of their National Park. There are several tracks to take, so you can pick one, or do all of them! Remember to take your camera if you’re a bird watching enthusiast!

Norfolk Island has plenty of amazing things to offer! One way to truly appreciate the island is by talking to the locals to see what’s around. Explore, take pictures, and have an amazing time.

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