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Things You Must Know About Jakarta Before You Visit (Expert Guide)


One thing you will observe in a majority first-time visitor to Indonesia’s sprawling Capital is the surprise they get when they lay foot on Indonesian soil. Jakarta is the city of wonder that most people know little or nothing about. In terms of character, Jakarta is a fascinating mix of modern cultures and lifestyle seamlessly integrating with a conservative religious society observing strict Muslim norms as a guideline for spirituality, societal values, and governance.

If you are new to Jakarta or planning to visit the city and want to learn more about the city, then you’ve hit the Jackpot. This article will open your mind and give you a first-hand take on the Indonesian Capital, so you aren’t among the confused crowd when you get a chance to explore this tremendous Indonesian Capital.

You Need to Know This Before You Visit Jakarta

Here are some interesting facts you need to be aware of about Jakarta;

Jakarta Is A Large Megacity (It’s Really Huge)

With a population of over ten million people, Jakarta is the largest city in terms of population in Southeast Asia. Newcomers to Jakarta are usually shocked by the sheer size of the city and the number of people on the streets, markets, malls, and other social places. Only Tokyo is Japan boasts of higher urban population than Jakarta

Just to demonstrate, Istiqlal Mosque- the largest Mosque in southeast Asia and second largest Sunni Mosque in the world has a capacity of over 200,000 and sees no less than 120,000 worshippers in a single worship day. The city is home to the largest corporations in Indonesia, hosts the national government and other significant institutions like schools, museums, Luxurious hotels, etc.

The Traffic Scenario -Not Anything Like You’ve Experienced Before

Ever heard of the term “organized chaos”? There is the best way to describe the way modern Jakartans move around. Expect to share the streets with millions of pedestrians, taxis, motorbikes, taxis and the infamous Bajaj that fly along the narrow streets, sidewalks and pretty much any level ground that their young drivers manage to squeeze through to escape traffic jams.

It’s advised to plan your trips in advance and be sharp about the routes you take and the mode of transport if you are on a tight schedule as the traffic jams can be crazy. The Bajaj will whisk you to a location if you are a hurry while the cheap taxis can use all manner or routes and shortcuts to get you to your destination. The public buses can be overcrowded and really slow but are really cheap and can give the more adventurous type a way to interact with the local Jakartans if they are not in a hurry.

Tourist Attractions Aplenty

It’s easy to dismiss this crowded metropolis as just another urban concrete jungle devoid of any attractions, but you will be making a big mistake. Jakarta is an exciting place; hidden within the city are some of the most beautiful sites and monuments that any foreigner looking to enjoy in Indonesia cannot afford to miss. There are beaches within a short distance, mega malls within the city, world famous historical sites, and monuments like the Mona and the second largest public square only surpassed by Tiananmen square.

A Multicultural Population

Let’s just get this out of the way first; No all Indonesians and Jakartans by extension are the same. Jakarta is home to all types of people from diverse backgrounds. There are people of Chinese origin, Javanese, Arabic, Indian, European, etc. Being a former Dutch colony, there is a significant Dutch- Indo population in big cities like Jakarta. People here speak all kinds of languages based on their ethnicity in addition to national Bahasa language and other international languages like English.

Luxurious Accommodation

You will be surprised by the kind of hospitality to be found in Jakarta. This city is home to some of the most luxurious hotel establishments this side of Asia. The hotel Indonesia Jakarta is a shining example that should be at the top of your list if you are looking for 5-star Indonesian hospitality at the heart of Jakarta.

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