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Things To Do In Budapest With Your Family


Visiting Budapest, the capital of Hungary can be the best trip you ever had with your family. The city is full of family-friendly programs and sites. It can even be overwhelming to choose from the countless possibilities and find the best things to do in Budapest for the kids and of course, for us as parents. As children tend to enjoy interesting and fun activities that require a lot of energy and seem exciting, we gathered a bunch of ideas the little ones will enjoy. But the real catch is, that these are not only for your kids, but you will find them just as much fun as they will. We brought you the ultimate holiday list of things to do in Budapest.

Margaret Island: The Petting Zoo and the Japanese Garden

Margaret Island is one of the specialties of the city. It is a hidden paradise inside the capital, which you can reach from the Árpád and the Margaret bridge as well. The first thing you may notice is the big fountain, which jets water to the rhythm of several popular songs from music history. As you go towards the inside of the Island, you can find the Pet Zoo, which is also referred to as a deer park. The kids will really enjoy this, as you can find several different animal species, wild animals, and rabbits too. The kids can feed and stroke the animals, not to mention the different types of birds you can see from pintails to Carolina ducks.

After having a fantastic time in the Pet Zoo, you can have a nice, relaxing walk on the Island, but if you want to see something special, you should visit the Japanese Garden. A few famous statues are located here, e.g., the „Sitting Girl” and the „Mermaid of Budapest”. If you love nature, exotic plants, and beautiful ponds, this is a sight to see.

Relaxation: Palatinus Bath and Water Park

Whether it is a hot day or a cloudy one, relaxing in the water is always a good choice. If you are in Margaret Island anyway, why not try its famous spa? In the water park, you can find several slides, whether it is twisted or musical. After splashing into the water, you can always relax using the Palatinus Spa services. The facility offers various relaxing options, including a rooftop terrace, massages, saunas, and steam cabins. After all the excitement and relaxation by the pool, you can enjoy some traditional Hungarian meals at the stands: the so-called ‘lángos’ is a must for the family to try.

Exploring the tropics: Tropicarium

The Tropicarium is about 30 minutes from the city centre and quite easy to reach. The unique and exotic animal species will enlighten your day and will be an amazing experience for your kids. You can stand in the tropical rain and in the big aquarium you can also see the shark feeding. One of the best things you can do here is to pet the stingrays. They are adorable and eager to get a little stroke on their heads. Oh, and a little reminder on the sharks: if you don’t want to miss the feeding, it is always on Thursdays at 3 pm!

Amazing scientific things to do in Budapest: The Centre of Scientific Wonders

If your kids are curious about nature, and you are also fond of exciting experiments, everyone in the family will love this place. The Centre of Scientific Wonders is in the district of Óbuda (which also has a nice old town). You can find a 9D cinema here and several thematic escape rooms across 5,000 square metres. Your curiosity won’t be settled here, as the different rooms offer different activities: you can play with physics and illusions. One of the rooms is covered with mirrors, so it feels like you are floating in an infinite space.

Try the MonsteRoller

Don’t forget that while you are exploring the city, you can choose from a wide range of transportation. Besides public transport, there are a bunch of other possibilities. If you would like to find the most entertaining option, try the MonsteRoller bikes from E-Magine tours. These fat-tire e-bikes are a comfortable and safe way of transportation. Important to note, however, that there is an age limitation. For guided tours, the minimum age is 14 years. The bike’s maximum speed is 25 km/h, and it only takes a few minutes to learn to ride it. Using these e-scooters is  a safe and fun way to wander around the city for all of you.

Are there any other things to do in Budapest?

The list of things to do in Budapest is endless. Not even those who live in the city for years have tried everything. There are always new places and new experiences to try as the culture of the city is always changing and developing. Whether you would like traditional sightseeing or other more unusual things to do in Budapest, you will find the best free time activities that fit your taste. It will be an exciting and unforgettable experience for you and your kids as well.

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