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Things That Make It Easier to Travel with a Kids Sports Team


Whether you’re a first-time coach, or a veteran who has been on numerous trips, planning travel to a sports event with 10 to 20 young kids is a daunting prospect. If the parents aren’t going along, taking care of a large group of children takes patience and careful planning. If you are travelling to a local competition or an event outside of the city, local coach hire in Birmingham can help. There are many benefits to hiring a private coach from a reputable company, some of these include:

  • Having a trained & highly skilled driver
  • Saving on cost
  • Having the team together before the tournament begins
  • Travelling as a group as opposed to separate vehicles
  • Lower Emissions

Travelling with a bunch of kids can be a challenge, so we’ve put together 2 essential tips to remember.

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    Reserve Transportation

Choosing a coach is the best option for a group of kids, you keep them together which makes it easy to watch the children. It also allows the team to bond and it is surprisingly affordable.

  1. Delegate Tasks

You’ll need volunteers or other coaches with you if you’re travelling with a group of young kids, there is no way you can handle a bunch of them on your own. Once you’ve organised the transport and you’ve booked a coach from a reputable company, choose your team of helpers. You can ask some of the parents to come along or other trainers. Make sure they know their role before they get on the bus.

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