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Smart Travel to Menorca in Your Vacation


Menorca is the oldest island of the Balearic Islands. There are many monuments and archaeological traces. But we also find many ports, coves and diverse and varied activities recommendable.If you are looking for a place to go with your boat rental, this is surely a good choice.

Calan Bosch

We recommend visiting the 5 most important ports of the island: the port of Tamarinda, the port of Ciutadella, the port of Fornells, the port of Cala de Addaya and the port of Mahon. The latter is located on the east coast of the island of Menorca and is known to be the second largest natural harbor in the world after Pearl Harbor (Hawaii).

Next to the docking station you will find a multitude of restaurants, bars, shops, and even a casino for gamers.

In addition, you are spoiled for choice to moor your boat rental, although this is not necessarily the case in the middle of August. This reputation attracts many tourists who come for boating. For enjoying Menorca with catamaran  this is an essential deal now.


It is therefore worthwhile to anchor your sailboat or motorboat renting there, to spend the day enjoying the clear and clean waters of Menorca. In addition, if there is too much wind, Menorca has the advantage of being a small island, which allows you to navigate to the other side if you want to shelter. The other solution may be to rent a catamaran, which offers greater stability: it is a real floating apartment.

Menorca is filled with beautiful coves to anchor. The best known and recommendable are those of Galdana, paradise place, Macarella, very good anchorage for sailboats and yachts, and that of Turqueta, inaccessible by road and has kept its natural charm.

Cape of Cavalleria

If you speak of natural charm, it is essential to visit the Cap de Cavallerí. It is the most northern cape of Menorca, with cliffs of almost 100 meters that flow on the Mediterranean. It is an ideal place to enjoy the sunrise from your boat rental.

If you want to live a crazy night on earth during your stay in Menorca, the “Covad’enXoroi” can be a good option. It is a nightclub located inside caves , which allows you to see the cliffs from all its openings on the outside.

But if you prefer to explore the nooks, you can also visit the caves of Menorca with a small motor boat.


Another unmissable is of course the gastronomy of Menorca: stews, lobsters, seafood and fish. From our coast, we recommend visiting “EsCranc” at “Fornells”. Although it is not at the seaside, this restaurant is famous for its fresh products directly from the waters of Menorca and its own lobster pond.That’s it, you know a little more about Menorca. Now choose your boat and set sail for Menorca. Following these there are some adjacent options that you can take. This is the smartest deal that you can have now.

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