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Renting out a Timeshare Experience


Making Use of Unused Timeshares

According to 2018 United States Shared Vacation Ownership Consolidated Owners Report, nearly 7.1% of U.S. households now own one or more timeshare weeks. That’s about 9.6 million owners.

And while Timeshares can be great for many, the plain fact is that close to 20 percent of all Timeshare owners have time available under their Timeshare contract that goes unused.

The plain fact is, despite what the Timeshare salesmen might have shown you at your fancy Timeshare sales presentation (which went on hours longer than you imagined) that Timeshares are a very difficult thing to sell. In fact, many people are so desperate to get out of their Timeshare, if it turns out to be particularly undesirable, that they will actually give it away for peanuts in order to get out of the annual maintenance fees.

Hazards of reselling scams

In fact, Timeshares are so difficult to sell that many people turn to resellers, often who turned out to be far greater scam artists that the original timeshare sellers. The Federal Trade Commission warns that there are actively around 50 scam resellers operating at any one time.

Renting out yourself vs. hiring an expert

 Timeshare Experience

Naturally, a more reasonable approach, until such time as you do find a decent buyer, and at a price that won’t cause you to lose too much money is to rent your available Timeshare space out. The problem here is that the advertising space is not cheap.

Let’s say you have a 2-bedroom Timeshare in Maui, Hawaii, that is just a dream to go to. You may have enjoyed it many times, with your spouse, but not you are divorced and have no use for it.

Where do you advertise your Timeshare space in? A travel publication in Arizona, Boston, Sacramento, Minneapolis, New York City or Atlanta. Certain all these cities have people that might potentially enjoy your timeshare for a week, but to advertise in each area might cost you more than you could recoup in 5 or even 10 years.

This is why many people turn to Resort Vacation International one of the largest Timeshare Rental Companies in the World.

Resort Vacations Now has many strategic marketing strategies such as direct mail, Vacation Publications, and contact with event and convention coordinators to get your Timeshare rented within as short a time period as 60 days.

The process

The process for Resort Vacations Now is that a customer fills out an inquiry form with their name, address, email address, and some information about their Timeshare, i.e., whether they are on a fixed time frame such as the first week in March every year, has a floating schedule, points, etc.

Once the form is received one of our agents will telephone the inquiring customer, ask if they are still interested in renting out their timeshare, and then discuss in detail how Resort Vacations Now works, and whether they are a good match between them and the company.

Once they sign an agreement, Resort Vacations Now goes to work, and in most cases can find the customer one or more offers within a short time.

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