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Reasons to Spend Your Vacation at Captiva Island


Located north of Sanibel Island and in the offshore of the Gulf of Mexico is a beautiful Isle called the Captiva Island. The number of outdoor activities that take place in this area can range from birding, sailing, biking and various other water sports activities. Due to these specific amenities the location attracts thousands of tourists all around the world, all year long.

Here are the reasons to travel to Captiva Island for your vacation

  • This is a beautiful island for singles, couples and families to spend a vacation as this Island gives a magical feel to the visitors.
  • This Island possesses resorts that organize activities for people of all ages. For children, there are fun games and programs such as a school for sailing on the beach, session for playing pirate and programs for fishing lessons.
  • These Captiva island rentals are known to provide the guest with the most comfortable accommodations at affordable prices. Staying in any one of these rentals you can have easy access to restaurants, shops, and merchants. Accommodation at these rentals gives you the pleasure to watch and listen to the sea birds singing in the tropical forest. Guest can enjoy a number of water sports such as water skiing, sailing, kayaking, fishing, power boating, etc. These islands also possess all the facilities and infrastructure for sports such as tennis and golf.
  • Tourist comes to this Island to reduce their stress by taking a dip into the refreshing pools and enjoying the Florida sunset. People that desire to escape the busy, hectic city-work life can find get-away rental homes that allow them to attain a peace of mind.
  • Captiva Island makes family reunions more memorable. Families can choose the location for their reunion. For family reunions, prior reservations can be made, and they can also make addition arranges at the last minute. The rental properties within this Island can hold up to 16 persons. As per the requirements and budget of the family, there are both economical and luxury homes. At these rentals, it provides convenience to the guest of all ages as there are ground-level accommodations.

There is a website that makes it easy for booking anyone of these rentals, providing flexibility and more options for customers.

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