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Odessa one visit is not enough


Odessa is considered the third largest largest ukrainin city, which is located right on the black Sea coast, The city was established under an ancient romaininan culture until 1794 when it was approved for full establishment by the great russian emperor Cathrine, This city has always been the center of the maritime european activities through the soviet ruling era, and until this day it is considered one of the biggest economical ports in Ukraine, That’s why this city is energized with life and activity, you can still enjoy through it’s classical pastel buildings surrounded by the perfect green scenery.

If you are looking for a green oasis to enjoy the most beautiful landscapes, with abundant relaxation opportunities, do not hesitate to visit City Gard Odessa, one of the most visited places in the city, not only thanks to its long history, as one of the oldest parks in the world, but From the summer theater of the Odessa Orchestra to the relaxation of nature, discover the splendor of Ukrainian history and the delicious cuisine of this country.

Potemkin Stairs are one of the most important tourist symbols in the city of Odessa, according to historical data, these stairs appeared in this place long before the founding of Odessa, but throughout history used by visitors to enjoy a wonderful view of the port, and is currently at the top of this Stairs, beautiful garden where you can relax and stroll among the beautiful sights.

Deribasvska Street is a pedestrian street located in the heart of the city and extends for a distance of about 1 km, named after the first mayor of the city, a Odisade Repas who lived on this street. Like any central pedestrian street, this is where life goes on non-stop, be it day or night, thanks to its numerous cafes, diverse shopping possibilities and great street performances, all of which make this street one of the most famous and one of the best places to visit Odessa Ukraine.

Odessa has a large sea port which is the largest in Ukraine and one of the most important on the Black Sea, walk along the harbor and you will feel its importance in adding vitality to the city. And watch the bustle of ships, sailors and bystanders until the end of the pier. The end of this road offers great sea views and is particularly impressive at sunrise or sunset.

Locals love the idea of going out and hiking and consider visiting opera and listening to classical music as an important event and a magical atmosphere in and out of the theater where the Odessa Opera House and its 19th-century theater are influenced by French and Italian Baroque styles. Ukrainians know many Russian musicians such as “Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky” and “Igor Travinsky Stravinsky”, so Ukraine is the perfect place to learn about its masterpieces at a very reasonable price, starting from 50 UAH (2 USD

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