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Nemo Hotel in Odessa Ukraine- A Paradise


There is no shortage of five star hotels these days, but do all of them live up to the hype created for them? Definitely not. The Nemo Hotel in Odessa Ukraine however, does indeed live up to the hype and then some. If you have ever been to Ukraine, you will be aware of the fact that it has no shortage of excellent hotels. However, once you take a quick look at the Nemo Hotel in Odessa Ukraine, you will soon learn that it has taken the extra step to prove itself to be head and shoulders above its competition.

Why The Nemo Hotel is a Paradise

The numerous amenities present in this hotel are one of the biggest reasons why it is so famous. Let us take a close look at some of them.


Yes, this five star hotel does indeed have a spa, and an excellent one at that. These spas are not just the regular spa that simply offers relaxation. They take things a step further to make sure that whoever enters it leaves a happy person. There are different types of tension relieving massages done by experienced individuals. Not only that, there are also styling and cutting services in this spa that make visitors look tidy and fresh.

Restaurant Varieties

Although most hotels in Ukraine are famous for their themes, this one is different. The Nemo hotel prides itself for the different types of varieties it offers, case in point, and the variety of its restaurants. The hotel is well aware of the fact that people from different countries of the world visit it and all of them have varying tastes when it comes to food. Keeping the restaurants restricted to just a few food items could never make customers happy. This is why the Nemo Hotel in Odessa Ukraine has four different types of restaurants, with all of them offering different types of food.

Poolside Bars

Bars are a necessity for any hotel, let alone five star hotels. Most people would not even bother entering a hotel if it does not have a decent bar. The Nemo Hotel in Odessa Ukraine has more than just a decent bar, in fact, it has two bars. And these two bars are not any simple bars, they are poolside bars. You can enjoy the beautiful poolside view while sipping on your favorite drink. Speaking of swimming pools, there are six of them in the Nemo Hotel. So, you do not need to worry about going for a swim inside a congested pool. Moreover, the size of a single pool is quite large. It can accommodate a large number of people while still remaining spacious.

Movie Theater

Sometimes the regular hotel amenities just do not cut it for some customers. They want something bigger, better, and more exciting. The Nemo Hotel in Odessa Ukraine offers them precisely that with their first rate movie theater. Want to watch a movie late at night? Just go inside the theater and enjoy the luxurious and entertaining experience.

Babysitting Services

Taking care of the children can be tough at times, especially when customers are looking to enjoy a pleasurable hotel experience. Keeping them around can not only be distracting but also make the experience less exciting. Fortunately, the Nemo hotel has an excellent babysitting service with excellent seasoned professionals who will look after your children like they are their own. You can roam the hotel and enjoy its luxuries freely while professionals take care of your children. Don’t worry, your kids will have a blast as well, as the Nemo hotel has several things for the amusement of your child.

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