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Navigating Istanbul For Travellers With Disabilities


Istanbul is an ancient city with cobbled streets, steep hills, and crowded restaurants; many travellers with disabilities would advise others to be sure to do their research and make arrangements before making their way over there. However, many of the best Istanbul hotels will be able to make excellent arrangements for travellers will all variety of accessibility needs, so you shouldn’t immediately rule out visiting there. Also, even though some of the older sights can be difficult to access, there are many tours that make the journey less difficult. Some of the best Istanbul hotels will have a concierge service that is experienced in the best places to visit for travellers with disabilities and special needs. Here, read some tips that have come from other people with disabilities who have successfully navigated around this wonderful city with success.

Tip 1: Speak to a Person before Booking a Room

Though the best Istanbul hotels will have great websites that will list their features, it can help to actually call the hotel to confirm the availability of accessible rooms and other amenities you may require. Most of the hotels in the New District (north of Galata Bridge) have excellent accessible rooms. The area has a more European feel to it than the old town, and is mainly flat – with a few small exceptions. More of the hotels here are newer and have improved accessibility features.

Tip 2: Cruise the Bosporus

The old part of the city has hills and steps all throughout it, but you can still appreciate the beauty and the ancient architecture from one of the best vantage points – the water! You should try to include a full day in your itinerary for a cruise along the Bosporus and then out into the Black Sea. There are many accessible boats that leave from departure points near the Galata Bridge offering great boat cruises.

Tip 3: Visit the National Archaeological Museum

The city has a vast and eclectic history that can be seen in the National Archaeological Museum it is wheelchair accessible and offers guided tours for visitors with disabilities. The artefacts here span the city’s entire history, but also include many amazing displays and exhibitions showcasing items from other parts of Turkey. Spend as much time here as possible to learn about Turkish, Ottoman, and Byzantium history.

Tip 4: Book Accessible Travel around Town

This is a truly beautiful city full of steep hills, stone pavements, and steps – all of which can be navigated around. But it might be more difficult if you don’t have a guide to tell you which places to traverse and which to avoid. The best Istanbul hotels will offer a concierge service that will help you book accessible taxis and cars to make it much easier for you to get to the places you want to see.

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