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It’s Easy now to Travel Safe and Sound. Choose Twelve Transfers and See for Yourself!


Choosing to travel now is more problematic than ever. Not only you’ll have to worry about all the regular things that posed as risks until now, but a global pandemic does nothing but up the stakes when it comes to travelling safely. However, as we all know, there are some trips that simply cannot be delayed, so what can you do?

For example, if your next trip cannot be delayed and it takes place in Miami or Fort Lauderdale, you’ll want to take all the precautions necessary in order to avoid any problems. The risks are low when it comes to travelling by air, but what happens after the wheels touch the tarmac?

Reaching your hotel or your other destination of choice can be a part of a relaxing, stress-free experience – that is if you choose to travel by a limo service, one of the US’s most enjoyable road experiences. Being pampered on the back seat while reaching your destination doesn’t sound bad at all, doesn’t it?

First of all, the main benefit of a limo service transfer is the lack of worry. We’ll start with the vehicle – you’ll be transported in a modern car, clean and safe for you and your friends or loved ones. Your luggage will be deposited safely in the trunk, while you’ll be sitting comfortable on the back seat.

You’ll want an experienced driver for your ride, and you’re going to get one that will ensure a smooth and stress-free ride. He will make sure that everything goes well and that the trip will turn out to be an actual enjoyable experience from start to finish.

As for money, there’s a common misconception that private airport transfers are quite expensive. To that, we answer Not if you know where to look! Twelve Transfers, for example, offers rides with up to 20% cheaper than most their competitors. Pretty great, huh?

Let’s stick to Twelve Transfers, actually. One of the main operators in this business in London, Twelve Transfers decided after 6 years of playing in the UK big leagues that it’s time to expand their horizon and they set their sights on the sunshine state across the ocean.

Since then, Twelve Transfers has offered top quality private limo transfers to tourists and locals alike in the Miami area. What’s actually great about them is their capability to adapt to any scenario – first, they adapted everything so that the US branch could start as great as possible. Now, the global pandemic made them even more aware of their role and responsibility.

As such, the folks at Twelve Transfers took all the necessary measures in order to ensure that every transfer goes down in the safest manner possible, and that is something to appreciate, don’t you think?

Twelve Transfers is now making sure that Limo Services in US reach their whole potential and, as a result, they set the tone for all their competitors. Be sure to try them out for your upcoming trip to Miami or Fort Lauderdale, their prices start from only $75.00!

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