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How to Make the Most of a Budget Trip to Bangkok


Sometimes you need to be creative when traveling in Bangkok, especially if you must pay for your trip with limited funds. This means that you need to plan a budget itinerary, which may require that you travel with a backpack and schedule a reservation at a budget accommodation.

A Very Nice Place to Stay

This type of challenge can be met if you think about your options and carefully review them online. A budget hotel in Bangkok near BTS station can turn out to be a very nice place to stay. Again, you need to review the accommodations offered online. Actually, Bangkok is a good place to explore on limited travel funds as it is considered the hub of the backpacking culture.

The Political Center of Thailand

Because it is home to train stations and buses, Bangkok offers budget travelers a number of ways to get around in this manner. Bangkok, which is the capital of Thailand, represents cultural and commercial interests equally. It is also the political center of Thailand. The upscale metropolis is still in touch with its history as it provides the visitor with skyscrapers to view as well as plenty of Buddhist temples.

Home of the Grand Palace

The capital of Thailand was established in 1782 and sits at the mouth of the Chao Phraya river. King Rama I, who was king when Bangkok was established, ordered the building of the Grand Palace and other elaborate structures, many of which can be seen on a trip to Bangkok now.

Can You Speak Thai?

To travel on a budget in Thailand and in Bangkok, in particular, you need to learn some facts about the area and mode of payment. For example, people in the country speak Thai. If you are a non-native speaker, you may have trouble communicating in this language at first. While English is not spoken a great deal by the residents, the people of Bangkok make up for it by being naturally friendly and hospitable. Therefore, you will still feel secure about hiking or traveling through this part of Asia.

It Is Easier to Pay by Cash

If you plan to use your credit card a great deal, think again. It is easier to pay for food, for example, if you have cash. While some eateries and hotels will accept credit cards, smaller hotels, such as those you probably will patronize, will only accept cash. This is important to keep in mind when you book reservations online and look for diners or eating establishments.

Converting the Currency

To convert cash, you need to remember that one Thai baht in Bangkok is about $3 USD or around 2.6 EUR. This information is good as of August 2018. Therefore, when making reservations, you need to make the calculations from your currency to Thai baht in Bangkok.

You will also need to learn about the electrical requirements for using electronics or similar equipment in your hotel. Most common sockets in Bangkok feature two holes that will receive round or flat pins. These sockets take plugs listed as type A, C, or F. The voltage is typically 220.

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