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Hints How to Choose Hotel in Istanbul


The most popular way of investigating not only about Istanbul hotels but hotels anywhere in the world is reading tourist forums in Internet (sites like trip advisor etc.) When you’ve read the opinions you will receive a general view about the hotel. Some of the opinions may not be objective. It all depends on the expectations of the person.

2. The more stars – the better the service. Boutique hotel is actually a small 5* hotel. 4* hotels also deserve their classification. We can not say that about some 3 star hotels and especially 2 star hotels. 2 star hotels are not with same quality as in UK or France. Better spend some more money on choosing 4* hotel than having to stay in a dirty 2* hotel with poor breakfast, broken air conditioners and awful or no customer service.

3. Estimate how much do you want to spend on hotel accommodation, eating in restaurants, sightseeing tours, tips. The better the tip, the better the service you will receive.

4. Find the hotel website and investigate the rooms and the general hotel plan and location.

5. Choosing a hotel in Istanbul depends on your interests. If you intend to do more shopping – Laleli district is the area with the highest concentration of textile and leather goods shops. If you are interested in sightseeing, choose a hotel in the old Sultanahmet Area. If you want to stay in the new European part – Taksim square is the ideal location.

6. High class hotels in Istanbul offer many amenities. Decide what exactly you need the most – Wi-Fi, Fitness Hall, Massage rooms, Jacuzzi in room, Turkish bath etc.

7. Depending on the time of your stay, if it is low season you will be able to book nice hotel for lower price. If you want to book a hotel in high season you need to do it 3 or 4 months prior to your visit. Usually low season in Istanbul is from November until March.

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