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France and some of what its got to offer


We all are aware of the fact that every country has got its own stereotypes, France, of course, has had its share too. Talking about wine, petanque, baguettes or berets, France is known all over the world for its traditions and quirks. While some of these facts may not be true, people planning to take a trip to France really need to know somethings; for instance, there’s an outstanding shipping company that allows for safe and quick delivery of parcels in and out of France at an affordable price, so you may want to use ParcelABC for safe delivery of your parcels, and yes, wine is a very important factor when talking about French culture, they aren’t lazy as you might have read or heard, and they really enjoy long lunch breaks. While we might not consider France to be a perfect country yet, there are a lot of things you might want to learn about the French before visiting; because indeed, it’s a place worth checking out.

Read on to learn more about the interesting facts about France and its inhabitants

You do not tip

There’s no need for you to put an extra note on the table after your meal because all services would have been included in the restaurant bill, but if you feel you’ve received exceptional customer service, you might want to leave a euro or two for the attendant.

Drugstores and nothing more

While in France, forget about buying candy, toilet paper or mascara, because all you’ll be getting is special toothpaste, high-end creams, and drugs (when you actually think it through, it’s a bit weird and wrong to sell candies at the drugstore). A drugstore isn’t so difficult to identify, the flashing green neon over the door means you’re right in front of one and trust me, you won’t walk too far before you find one. French people don’t joke with their drugstores!

Methods of payment differ slightly

A lot of groceries and high street stores may still receive cheques as a mode of payment, as long as your ID is with you to confirm your identity.

Ice isn’t a good idea

You might not hear or read this elsewhere, so keep in mind that there’s no restaurant in France that serves ice in water. Most times, the water is either slightly chilly, at room temperature, but it’s never cold. So, when you’re on your next trip in France and wants to order McDonald’s soda bar, you may want to avoid asking for ice in it, because you aren’t going to get it.

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