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Facts to Know About Employment Based Immigration


There are legit two ways by which a foreign national can acquire US immigration visa. A foreign resident can immigrate to United States of America by the help of a family member who is already a permanent resident or citizen of America.

Immigration to United States of America

The ongoing United States of America’s immigration law gives numerous of ways to the immigrants to enter the country for business and employment purposes on permanent as well as temporary basis.

The United States of America’s immigration law permits allow foreign immigration by admitting foreign skillful workers that are of great worth to the United States commercial working economy.

About the Employment based immigration

Employment based immigration system in United states of America allows the foreign nationals secure a permanent lawful residence or citizenship in the country by employing themselves in skilled work sectors.

The other way for foreign resident is to acquire an employment based immigrant Visa. The US employment based immigrant visas for United States of America is for the people who are resident of the foreign countries and have found jobs in the America.

The employers of the company or an organization sponsor the employees to reside in the United States of America and work for their organization or company.

Two major types of Employment based immigration

  • Temporary Employment Based Visa is a type of employment based immigration that allows the certain employers to recruit numbers of foreign residents by filing petitions them under the United States immigration law for doing specific skillful work for a limited period of time.

Number of the temporary employs does the work for the employers, who filed the petitions for them. These temporary employed immigrants have the limited opportunities to change jobs. In case the worker’s working period term expires, these immigrants will be required to leave the country immediately.

  • Permanent Employment Based Immigration is a type of employment based immigration where a legal t residency of USA files petition for a foreign resident to work and live legally as well as permanently in America.

The lawful permanent resident of America is allowed to stay in the country even when they not employed anywhere. This lawful immigrant can also apply for use citizenship after residing there for 5 years.

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