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Enjoy honeymoon in cold dessert Spiti Valley


One of the best valleys located in Northern India, is Spiti valley, with its exact location in Himalayas, which are the part of Himachal Pradesh state. It is one of the cold dessert mountain valley. The name of this place is derived from its location only that means it is a valley that is lying in between Tibet and India. Thus its name is “Spiti Valley”, which means “The middle land”. Spiti is the region that resembles more of the Buddhist culture and is one of the most popular research as well as cultural centers for the Buddhists. Spiti valley is also one of the place that is listed in the best honeymoon and romantic packages in India. This is one of the best adventurous places for the young couple who like to add memories in their lovely honeymoons. If you are planning to travel to Spiti valley for you honeymoons trip then choose the days in the months of May to September and never go with winter.

When you are planning honeymoon and romantic packages in India, with Spiti valley to visit, then don’t forget to carry good shoes along with clothes that come in layers, to protect from sun or cold breezes. Spiti valley offers you to adventure, hike, cultural activities along with Spiti people, and even sightseeing. Spiti valley tops as one of the most important places to visit not only in the honeymoon tour packages in India, but also for nature enthusiastic, photographers, trekkers and adventurous people.  Apart from the semi-frozen rivers, this valley also offers its tourists with some awesome scenic places to view in their visit here.

Awesome places to view in Spiti Valley

Tourists to Spiti Valley can experience, some of the most popular and interesting places that are located here. So, experience an amazing tour in the stunning hills of Himalayas. Here are the top places to visit by every tourist of Spiti Valley.

  1. Komik

Komic is one of the fantastic places and is the only motorable village all around the globe. Though, only few people visit the most panoramic village locate in Spiti, it offers an excitingly stunning scenic beauty to view. It is located at an altitude of 18,000 feet, with minimal resources for tourists to accommodate in their journey. June is the best time of the year to visit Komik village and enjoy star gazing along with overnight camping at this place. So, on your visit to Spiti Valley, don’t miss to visit this awesome village to enjoy viewing the surroundings.

  1. Kiber

Kiber is another awesome village that is located in the Spiti Valley amidst the mountains that offers an awestruck view to its tourists. The scenic beauty of Kiber is offered by the lofty mountains surrounded by barren stretches in this cold desert. Kiber allows its tourists to visit the Kiber Wildlife sanctuary with most common fauna and wildlife occupying this place. People who love trekking can visit Kiber in the months of June or July and have some exciting experience to trek in this admirable natural scenic village. Adventurous young couple needs to list Kiber in honeymoon and romantic packages India to an wonderful trekking experience that adds some memories.

  1. Suraj Tal Lake

Suraj Tal Lake as the name itself says that it is a lake of Sun god and is one of the highest three lakes of India with its situation at 4,950 meters. This is well known as emerald green lake that will offer an awesome view of mountains, semi-frozen streams along with the Baralacha pass. Tourists can visit this place in summer to experience some of the adventure activities such as trekking, biking, nature walking, along with exciting road trips. Photographers, this is a place for you to capture some serene clicks and place them in your photographic expeditions.

  1. Kungri Monastery

Kungri monastery, is one of the most exciting colorful Gompa located in the Spiti vally and is the oldest one belonging to the 14th centuries constructions. It struck every tourist mind with its awesome beautiful artwork, figurines, wall paintings, silk paintings, books along with archives. One can experience various traditions along with the Buddhist culture as well as their festivals. Even this monastery can be visited in the summer season only and can have the fun of enjoying sword dance along with devil dance.

  1. Tabo

Tabo is another fantastic village to visit in Spiti valley by the trekkers, that is located on the banks of the Spiti river. This village offers a scenic beauty to view especially in the summer months. Tourists to Tabo can view barren mountains, shrine caves, deep gorges, Tabo monastery offering an mind striking experience. Nature lovers never miss this awesome village located in the Spiti valley with out fail, even those who like to have some adventures, they can also visit. This is a best place for sightseeing along with star gazing.

The above mentioned are some of the popular places located in and around the Spiti valley, offering a fantastic experience to the visitors of this place and adventurous junkies along with trekking enthusiasts. There are other places also to visit such as Kaza town, Lahaul valley and many others.

What type of food is available in Spiti valley?

Spiti valley offers its tourists some of the gorgeous food in their restaurants as well as in the Spiti guest houses. Though there are no five star restaurants or hotels that offers cuisines, only locally available food is provided at most of the places. It is famous for providing the traditional Tibetian food which will be of both variants, vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian as per ones choice.

Shopping is Spiti valley is highly impossible, because it is a valley surrounded with mountains and awesome nature. So, one cannot get high level of shopping at this place. So, experience some awesome and mind blowing honeymoon packages in Spiti valley that will add both experiences and memories to your life time diary.

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