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David Star Company


DavidStar company is a multi-functional international company operating both in Russia and Iran. We provide different kinds of services ranging from arranging and organizing tours to Iran to rendering assistance in enrollment to university. We are pleased to invite you to join David Star for starting your great travel to Iran and its culture!

Why should you choose our company for traveling to Iran?

– our workers are certificated and sophisticated specialists always ready to answer any arising questions. They have all the necessary information concerning the best hotels, tours, sightseeing, and tickets. What is more important David Star is ready to provide you with excellent tour-guides who are going to accompany you throughout your trip, showing the most wonderful and amazing places in Iran. If you choose our company for managing your trip to Iran, it definitely will be an indelible experience. 
– our tours have a diverse spectrum of travel opportunities, so you are able to choose the most suitable and appropriate for you! If you are a skier, you can choose a journey to the mountains where you will be provided with all the necessary equipment, accommodation, and the best service. If you are a desert-lover, we have special tours to Iranian deserts during which you will be able to spend nights gazing at the stars and days riding a camel. We also have special tours such as eco-tours, pilgrimage tours, and medical tours. 
– we always stay alarmed about price changes, so that we have the latest information about the cheapest tickets, different specials, and discounts, and we are always glad to share it with you! 

For additional information please visit our website. There you can find out more about our offers and prices, along with other services that we provide for our clients! If you happen to have any questions, you are welcomed to write to us, and we will definitely answer you as soon as possible!

The International Star Group of David has been registered with the purchase of various small and large companies and converted them into specialized departments to provide complete services to dear fellow Iranians. With the help of specialists in the opposition, we have been able to take a long step forward in providing legal, commercial, sporting, and other services in the shortest possible time, with little certainty and cost. Dawood star is a multinational group that has active offices in the entire world and is central to Russia.

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