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Currency exchange in Nigeria


Recently, Nigeria had been seen as one of the top emerging global powers in the world mainly due to being the 20th largest economy and having more than 186 million people on its land It contains a lot of natural resources that are identified as large sectors of the economy like agriculture, oil and mines.

Additionally, other sectors like services and telecommunications are gradually developing to play a significant role in ensuring a part of the national income.

Since Nigeria’s economy is developing rapidly, it is changing to a more important and vital country where foreigners are visiting to develop their businesses or build new ones. However, whether you are coming here for tourism. or business, there are a few points you need to know about Nigeria’s currency and banks, so you get a clearer idea about where to get your money, how to compare it with your country’s currency and how to spend it.

What’s the currency in Nigeria?

Nigeria’s national currency which citizens deal with inside the country is called Naira, however; a lot of people use USD in airports, hotels, and tourist destinations as it is accepted. You can find a lot of places in Nigeria to transfer your money from USD to Naira according to exchange rates at that time. You can know more details by asking our agents at Travelstart.

The best places to exchange money in Nigeria?

In Nigeria, you can exchange money at the airport, hotels, banks, and many other exchange services which branches cover the whole city; however,  it is better to exchange through a bank or official money exchange to get fair rates.

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