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Best Off-Site Venues for Business Meetings


While startup owners can make do with basic resources in order to maintain their current business model, they do need to expand eventually as their company grows. This means they have to spend more time arranging meetings with other professionals than focusing on their main work.

Here are some offsite meeting places that help them take these proceedings out of the formal conference room and into a more productive and efficient place:

Coffee shops and Restaurants

Coffee shops and restaurants are often used nowadays as informal meeting spots for several reasons. Besides offering a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, they also provide private tables, plenty of coffee and a neutral environment that does more to relax people than anything else. This also includes free WIFI which is essential for off-site meetings that require tech support.

The ideal spots should be those that offer these benefits and that allow patrons to commandeer tables for more than an hour undisturbed.


Breweries have been making a comeback Download Latest Whatsapp Status for a while now and most of it has to do with the fact that they are being used as meeting spaces. That’s because most of them have large, open spaces that can accommodate large groups of people.

In addition, many businesses today prefer to mix business with pleasure to reduce the formal nature of corporate meetings. Since breweries offer tours and flexible spaces for events, they allow companies to hold said meetings easily. This changes the perception of a corporate meet up for the positive by turning it more into an event.


Theatres not only seating arrangements in a large space, they also offer state of the art surround sound systems. These can be invaluable for large corporations that need to hold meetings for a substantial workforce. The comfortable seating and large screens combine to provide an immersive experience for each event which is just good for business and productivity.

Some theatres are designed to double as corporate meeting venues. These are outfitted with state of the art lighting and A/V technology that can enhance meetings and keep audiences engaged throughout.

Kiva Solutions offers national distribution of meeting spaces in the abovementioned venues as well as others. The meeting room booking engine allows travel agents and meeting plans book events online and in real time without the cost and hassle of RFPs. This leads to less wasted efforts and higher productivity.

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