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Best Hill Stations Near Jim Corbett You Cannot Miss


Tourists go to Jim Corbett National Park to experience the beauty of nature and wildlife at its best. In fact, there are many parks nearby that tourists can visit. However, no matter how much you like the place, a true traveler always wants to keep his options to explore a couple of other places nearby. Sure, you can go to other beautiful parks while you are staying at a resort in Jim Corbett National Park and do some adventure sports while clicking good pictures. But, what if we tell you that there are many hill stations where you can go. Don’t believe us?

Take a look.

Eye Shaped Lake Nainital

This hill station attracts more because of its beautiful lake. This hill station is in Uttarakhand and falls in the Kumaon region. This is an ideal getawa for the people living in city. It is very serene and away from the humdrum of the city. The weater is very pleasant here and the snowfall continues during winter.

The Queen Meadow Ranikhet

Ranikhet is a hill station in Uttarakhand in the Almora town. The elevation of sea level makes it a great getaway for a great view of the Himalayas. The green hills here are dotted with coniferous tree and various kinds of wildlife that stays at this hill station. There is a military museum where you can go and it is also a great tourist spot for walks, snowy hills.

Nature at its best in Pangot

After you have left from your resort in Jim Corbett National Park, you can go to Pangot for a great bird viewing experience. Here you can click great pictures of birds and which includes migratory birds of different kind as well. To be precise, you can find here almost 150 different bird species like lammergeyer, Himalayan Griffon, spotted & Slaty-backed forktail, khalij pheasant, Blue-wingedminla and a diverse thrushes and much more.

A place for solitude BhimTal

Bhimtal was also a part of silk route of China. Nevertheless, Bhimtal is a place where you can find a beauteous island surrounded by water from all sides. It is located above 1370 m sea level and is also almost 84Kms away from the Jim Corbett National Park. An old temple named Mahadeva Is also built here from the time when pandavas were in exile.

Land of Mystical Lake Naukuchiatal

This place is quite appropriate for a short break. Basically, Naukuchiatal is a small town of lake in Nainital itself. The lake town is enclosed with mountains, shrubs, herbs, lake and everything nature. So, apart from the rowing, yachting, paddling facilities, you can also go to try angling and engross in some bird watching. If you are going there in May, don’t forget to attend the fun-filled escape festival.

So, now that you know what you can do after you have explored the park and are vacating your resort in Jim Corbett National Park, we hope you will not return to the citty life so soon. Do explore the aforementioned destinations as well on your way back.

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