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Are You Looking For A Good Hostel In Krakow? Draggo Is A Perfect Place To Stay!


Cracow is one of the most popular cities in Poland. It’s not only developing, but also has a historic and cultural site to it, which should be seen at least once in a lifetime. No wonder people from the country and abroad choose this city as their place to stay. People usually come to Cracow in groups, it is more beneficial to go sightseeing and to go exploring the city’s cultural life. That is when the perfect accommodation must be found. Hostels in Cracow are very popular, however, it seems that Draggo hostel is the most suitable place to  stay. But why should you choose this hostel?

Draggo hostel and its geolocalisation

Krakow is not a small place, thankfully most of the landmarks and attractions are located around the city centre. That is why tourists are searching for a place in that area. Therefore you should check out the magical and incredible hostel Draggo. The hostel is situated in a perfect localisation – only 2 minute walk from the Main Square, one of the oldest and most entertaining parts of Krakow. The localisation was a factor for thousands of tourist who had picked the hostel and were satisfied not only with their stay in a hostel but also the distance from the main attractions.

Draggo and its attractive prices

While searching for a place to stay for groups in Krakow, most tourists faced the reality of very high prices. Accommodation for groups in Krakow was never cheap, especially if they wish to be quite close to the main attractions, then, the prices are even higher. However, if you wish to find a cheap hostel in this beautiful and interesting city, Draggo hostel comes with help! It is one of the most attractive accommodations in terms of prices near the Main Square. Surely, while choosing this cheap hostel, your budget for all the attractions that Krakow has to offer will not be streangthen.

Leisure time in Draggo Krakow hostel

Draggo hostel is not only a cheap hostel in Krakow but also a place of high standard. Many people avoid hostels in fear for the standard they represent. However, Draggo hostel offers attractive prices, convenient localisation and incredibly designed rooms to stay, along with a common room. They are perfect to relax and rest after a long day of sightseeing or partying in one of Krakow’s clubs. When choosing this hostel you do not have to worry about the standard or decor and fully enjoy your stay in Krakow.

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