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A Gastronomic Trip Through Istanbul


When we think of the culinary capitals of the world, Istanbul may not be foremost in many people’s minds, but with such an incredible melange of cultures and a history that has included so many different occupiers it is little wonder the modern gastronomy is as interesting and imaginative as any other. If food and travel both tickle your fancy, why not choose Istanbul for a getaway? Stay in one of the best hotels in Istanbul, experience a little luxury and venture out into the heart of the city to sample some of the wonderful delights on offer round every corner.

Stay in One of the Best Hotels in Istanbul and Discover its Culinary Heritage

The Grand bazaar is one of the citys most intriguing places, with the barrage of exotic smells, sights and sounds bombarding you from every angle. Once you get past the bustle of tiny shops and the noisy hawkers, a hidden treasure trove of back streets and courtyards expose themselves, offering new and interesting local dining experiences. Catering for the locals, you can be assured the restaurants have an authentic quality.

Look out for the Ali Nazik, the tender morsels of beef marinated in herbs and set on a bed of eggplant puree. The accompanying salad boasts chopped walnuts and fresh pomegranate seeds, which are a refreshing accompaniment to the heavier beef. The ubiquitous vine leaves are served everywhere and each eatery will have its own take on this Turkish staple. Eggplants and peppers are dried and stuffed with rice and herbs and yogurt is always served on the side.

For real foodies exploring the city, the fish market is one of the most exciting places to go. Opening in the early hours, the activity that ensues is simply captivating. Fishing is very much a part of life here and the fish market is one of the busiest in town. Large polystyrene fish coolers are filled with the mornings catch and restaurant vans begin to appear from all over the city to get the best of the days fish. The smell is pungent but obligatory and the noise of the buyers and sellers exchanging conversation, the wholesalers negotiating, the trolley boys pushing their trolleys and the onlookers chatting is deafening, yet mesmerising.

From kebabs to meze feasts you can eat something different every day in this exciting city. Some of the best hotels in Istanbul offer wonderful cuisine in-house, made with supreme quality ingredients and based on traditional recipes. If you dont want to go out hunting for a good place to eat every night you can stay in one evening at your hotel and you won’t be disappointed.

As far as street food goes, the city has some of the best. Hotels in Istanbul are usually located close enough to all of action so you dont need to wander far to grab a local snack. There is no doubt all the lovely, exotic flavours of the Turkish cuisine will linger with you long after your holiday here is over.

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