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8 Reasons to Select a Sathorn Serviced Apartment in Bangkok


Just as choosing the right destination can make or break your holiday, the same goes for selecting suitable accommodation. Choose poorly, and you could end up ruining your vacation and find yourself counting down the days till you can go home again! Don’t run the risk of staying in a lousy hotel. Instead, opt to stay in a serviced apartment. No matter your budget, style of travel or length of stay, you can find something to suit. Still not convinced? Here are several top reasons to book a Sathorn serviced apartment for your next Bangkok holiday.


Serviced apartments are generally 30% larger than a standard hotel room. That might reason enough right there! Most come with a generous living space, kitchenette, separate bedroom, and bathroom(s). If you’re traveling as a family, you can also find two-bedroom options. You don’t need to live in a shoebox when spacious accommodation options like this are plentiful in Thailand’s capital city.


Serviced apartments offer quality accommodation without the expense of a traditional hotel suite. Beyond being comfortable, you can save money by cooking your own meals and doing your own laundry. Every penny saved is more money you’ll have to spend on attractions, museums, splurge meals, and souvenirs.


Many people choose serviced apartments because they have a welcoming ‘home away from home’ feel. Unlike a cold, sterile, and utilitarian hotel room, a serviced apartment will come equipped with comfortable furniture, a relaxed atmosphere, and full amenities (cutlery, linens, etc.). Not to mention that you can kick back and relax with the in-room Wi-Fi, telephone, DVD player, stereo, and state-of-the-art TV.


Serviced apartments will go above and beyond to make your stay everything it should be. Don’t be afraid to call or message ahead of time to make any special request, such as airport pick-up, baby cot, personal assistant service, fridge stocking, and so forth.


The bonus of staying in a serviced apartment is that you won’t need to lift a finger. That’s right; such accommodation comes with daily housekeeping service. What has become every other day in a hotel is still done daily here and includes everything you would expect from a high-end facility. They will do your dishes, make your bed, tidy the living room, clean the shower, switch the linens and towels, and so forth. All this helps free you up to spend quality time with friends and friends or accomplish work.


Another great reason to pick an apartment over a hotel is that they are usually located in prime, downtown locations. Having ample space in the heart of the city will save your time and money when it comes to exploring everything Bangkok has to offer. Having the entire city on your doorstep will make exploration a breeze. Sathorn is located in the city’s CBD, close to a myriad of shops, restaurants, café, bars, parks, galleries, museums, attractions, shopping malls, markets, and more.

We hope our tips have now convinced you that a Sathorn serviced apartment is the best way to stay in the City of Angels.

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