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7 Awesome Reasons Why You Should Go on a Helicopter Ride


In the United States, there are about 69,000 helicopters.

With all of those helicopters out there, have you ever been on a helicopter ride? If not, there are plenty of them for you to choose to go on!

But why should you choose a helicopter ride? There are plenty of reasons, and we’ll break them all down for you here so keep reading.

  1. Aerial Photography

One of the main reasons people take a helicopter ride is to get a unique shot for their photos or videos. Many people create their entire photography brand just based on aerial photography as this is one of the latest trends on social media.

It’s a great, unique way to bring a different perspective to your photography, and most people don’t get to see things from that point of view! Some people even sell their videography or photography from their helicopter ride.

You can take helicopter rides to all kinds of amazing and breathtaking scenes. While the helicopter can be lower to the ground than a plan and can also hover, you’ll be able to get all kinds of great photos.

Before you go up in the helicopter though, make sure that your phone or camera has enough battery so that you don’t miss any of the shots!

  1. Tour Guides

When you sign up for a helicopter tour, you’ll likely be riding with someone who has flown the same route over and over. They might just fly the helicopter, but in some cases, they’ll also give you some information and history on what you’re seeing.

This adds a unique experience to the helicopter ride, and each ride will be different depending on your pilot! They’ll be able to show you landmarks that you might have missed, and if you have any questions, you can ask them about it. You’ll probably be surprised by how much knowledge they have about the area.

This is why it’s a great idea to take a helicopter tour to somewhere that you’ve never been before. You’ll feel comfortable and feel more fulfilled after knowing all of that information about the area.

You could decide to take a walking tour of the area, but seeing it from an aerial point of view just makes it that much more special.

If you’re ready to learn some interesting facts and information about the landmarks, make sure you book a tour through Ultimate-helitours.com.

  1. Good Date Night

If you’ve been with your partner for a while, you might feel like you’re running out of romantic date ideas. So spice it up a little bit and surprise them with a helicopter ride!

You’ll be able to share in the excitement of taking a ride with your significant other. In some cases, the helicopter could even drop you off to a romantic date night on top of a roof where you can share some dinner.

  1. Overcome Your Fears

If you’re scared of flying or scared of heights, getting in a helicopter can be a way to help ease your fears. Helicopters don’t go up to the altitude that some planes do, so this can be a nice stepping stone to being able to fly in a commercial plane.

You’ll have to address your fear of flying or of heights from a new vantage point, but it can actually be really good for you! While you might be nervous at first, you’ll soon be surprised at how beautiful everything looks from up in the sky.

If you’re still really nervous, you can always bring someone along to comfort you and help you through the experience.

  1. Save Time and Money

While booking a helicopter ride might not be the cheapest option, it is cheaper than booking a private airplane.

It will also help you save money on gas for your car, especially if your destination is hours away. That gives you time that you can spend learning about the area and seeing it from neigh heights.

It will also help you save money and time by helping you to avoid all of the crowds. If you’re going to a crowded touristy spot, this will make sure that you get to see it from a unique advantage point while also not having to stand on your tiptoes to see above the crowds.

  1. Great Views

While you could book a plane to see your tourist attractions, a fixed-wing plane needs altitude and speed in order to keep flying.

Because a helicopter can hover, it can stand still and get up close to landmarks and destinations in order to give you the best view.

  1. New Things to See

If you’ve lived in one area forever, you might think that there’s nothing left to see. However, taking a helicopter tour of your local area will help give you a new perspective on everything.

You’ll be able to see everything about your community and maybe even have a newfound appreciation for it!

Discover More of the Best Reasons to Go on a Helicopter Ride

These are only a few reasons to go on a helicopter ride, but there are plenty more that could convince you to go!

We know that flying in a helicopter might be scary at first, but we’re here to let you know that it’s actually quite safe and can be lots of fun!

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