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5 Tips for Visiting Texas With Kids


Traveling by yourself can be stressful, but that stress meter goes through the roof when you bring along the kids. Take a deep breath, and remember the helpful tips below for your next trip to Texas.

Avoid Holiday Times

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If possible, try to avoid traveling during the big holiday rushes. It may be tempting to turn Christmas into a huge family vacation, but you’ll soon be regretting it when the crowds stress out you and your little ones. Not to mention, holidays are notorious for canceled flights and delayed schedules due to overbooking. Traveling during off-peak times can give you the added benefit of saving money as well, which could translate into your family being able to stay on vacation longer or do more activities during it.

Pack With Purpose

When packing your child’s belongings, remember to put the most important items either on top or in an easily accessible area. You don’t want to be caught frantically digging through the blue suitcase for your kid’s favorite storybook when it was in the red one the whole time. If you’re taking a flight, wear the heaviest clothes you can to save space in your luggage. Another trick is to try rolling outfits together, so one bundle a day is all you’ll need to grab.

Pick the Perfect Location

Situated between Dallas and Austin, Waco is the ideal spot to stay for a few nights. Unlike the bigger cities, Waco won’t run the risk of overstimulating your kids with bright lights and loud sounds. However, there are still several kid-friendly things to do. For example, the Mayborn Museum is a children’s science museum with sixteen interactive discovery rooms, including outside exhibits, that will engage their curious little minds. Also in Waco is the Cameron Park Zoo, which is especially great for small kids because the entire exhibit can be completed in a couple of hours.

Indulge in Time Apart

Everyone loves their kids and spouses, but a little time apart during the vacation will go a long way in keeping the peace. Don’t feel like a failure if you need a couple of hours without being in parenting mode. After all, it’s your vacation too, so take time to recharge yourself. Once you do, you’ll be able to enjoy the priceless memories with your family even more.

Record Your Memories

With the invention of smartphones, it’s easier than ever before to capture memories while on the go. Set aside moments to take pictures or videos and make sure the whole family is in them. If your child likes to write or draw, encourage them to keep a journal of everything they saw or did. You can also save ticket stubs and create a scrapbook with the kids when you return.

Most importantly, enjoy the little things, even the stressful time of traveling with your kids. They won’t always be that age, and one day you’ll both be able to look back and remember the great trips you’ve had.

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