Important Facts about The Teddy Guinea Pig

The Teddy guinea pig is a commonly sought after breed, majorly because of its cute/adorable appearance and ability to put on shows. It has physical qualities similar to that of a stuffed teddy bear, the rounded nose, and the fuzzy coat. Hence the name Teddy Guinea pig.


The teddy exists and owes most of its behavioral and physical qualities to a genetic mutation. The DNA mutation is what causes the soft fur but does not affect the live or life span of the guinea pig.


Some of the most common distinguishable features of the Teddy guinea pig are its smooth, dense coat. The coat has a unique texture that makes it even more desirable. The coat is evenly laid throughout its body and has a single color pattern ranging from gray, agouti, and black patterns.

The teddy has a roundish and wider nose compared to the other breeds.


Grooming a teddy guinea pig is as much of responsibility as any other. It requires regular coat brushing to avoid tangles. The fur should be brushed at least one per week to prevent the hair tangles that might irritate the teddy’s skin. You should use a slick brush and do it from the bottom to the top to keep the hair fluffy.

Bathing the guinea pig is not that necessary as they have a dryer skin compared to the other breeds. It should be dome a maximum of three times annually. However, if the guinea pig gets into mischief, use warm water mixed with recommended shampoo. After the bath, blow him gently to dry.

Another important care detail about teddy guinea pigs is to make sure you clean his years at least one per month. Teddy’s have longer ears compared to the other breeds, and they tend to get dirty quick. You should regularly check its ears for any wax build up. When cleaning, loosen the wax using mineral oil. Clean off the wax using a soft cloth.


A guinea pig’s diet consists of pellets, hay, veggies, teddies and fresh fruits. Teddies are fed to the guinea pig directly because it cannot produce its vitamin c. an adult guinea pig can be fed one cup of fruits daily, but in doses to avoid diarrhea. It should also be supplied with unshelled sunflower seeds to nourish its dry skin.


Teddy Guinea pigs are playful and fun in nature. They love to roam around and should be given supervised time off their cages. Their cuddly nature makes them ideal companions for children.


Teddy guinea pigs have unique qualities that make them eligible for various shows and competitions. Judges observe the teddy’s fur quality, the evenness of the coats and the color patterns. The judges also consider the size and weight of the teddy. So, if you intend to enter your teddy guinea pig into a show or competition, observe all its skin care instructions and diets.


A Teddy guinea pig is a good choice: Whether you are looking for a house companions, a show piggy or a pet for your child. They can be found at most pet stores or directly from the breeders. Or you can consider rescuing one from the animal shelter.

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